Rhinocort Hayfever Aqueous 32mcg 60 Doses

Rhinocort Hayfever Aqueous 32mcg 60 Doses

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Rhinocort Hayfever for prevention and relief once daily.

Prevention and relief once daily. 

Simply spraying non-drowsy Rhinocort Hayfever into each nostril once a day can help prevent & treat irritating hayfever symptoms. These may include the following: Sneezing, Blocked nose, Itchy nose, Runny nose. 

Rhinocort Hayfever works by reducing inflammation in the nose, offering relief from hayfever symptoms. 


Budesonide 32 micrograms/spray. Potassium Sorbate 1.2mg/mL as a preservative.


Read enclosed instruction leaflet before use. Do not use more than 256 micrograms (8 sprays) each day. Shake well before use. Not to be used by children under 12 years of age.


Use only of carton seal is unbroken.